Best deal for Diapers

Best deal for Diapers:

All new moms, expecting moms and dads, parents and grandparents feel the pain and expense associated with buying and changing diapers.  What’s your alternative? No diapers…ha-ha good luck with that.   Even though this is a tough reality, the expenses associated can be managed well by buying bulk online vs. buying diapers weekly at the supermarket or Toys’R’Us or Babies’R’Us.  Personally, I think the Best deal for Diapers is Amazon prime.  Amazon family provides a 20% discount on diaper subscriptions.   Try here to Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial.

Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

Our story

We were already buying diapers (for our older son) for 2 to 2.5 years before our younger son joined us in September.  Then two sets of diapers….what a headache financially and physically, buying/changing two kids diapers.  Potty training couldn’t come soon enough (Spoiler alert – Which is another headache in itself altogether).

Soon after our older son was born, a friend of mind suggested looking online and comparing all the different pricing for the brand we use (Pampers).  Once we went Amazon, we never went back.  The price for the diapers is much better as we are buying in bulk.


Talk with other moms and network.  Everyone has a good recommendation whether it be diapers, money savings tips, baby care, school, etc.

Keep learning more, read books, blogs, and research as much as you can.

Ask family or other relatives who have had children recently for advice.  Unfortunately, things have changed since my parents or in-laws were raising us so their advice although important wasn’t the only source we used.

Maternity leave is a topic I will address in another post, but it certainly falls under the umbrella of topics to discuss with others (your employer, other moms, etc.).  It can be confusing to understand all the benefits, time-frames and manage expectations.


If I find a better deal, I will update this post.  Come back more for regular updates on deals and promotions.

Comment below if you think there is another good tool to buy diapers.   

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