Best sleep training book for new moms

Many new moms struggle with sleep training their new born.   I was certainly one of them.  Our oldest son -we used  the guess and check approach to sleep training and we paid the price.

We were in a townhouse style home with the crib in our master bedroom, we heard every coo, cry, shift and didn’t allow him to self soothe.  When we moved into our home, we were able to get him his own “big boy bed” in his own room –  but he was still looking to stay with us at bed time.   Toy Story bed sheets were our only savior that got him into his own room and bed.

Best sleep training book for new moms

Then with our younger son, after the above scenario, I asked around for recommendations and did some research online, this is by far the best sleep training book for new moms:

The best book:

Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old: A Step-by-Step Plan for Baby Sleep Success

About the book:

If you have read this book you know its value, but for those of you who are on the fence – I wouldn’t think too hard.  It has some great advice and is a step by step plan and best book for sleep training your new born.   If this was forwarded to you  and you are reading this quickly with two minutes of peace or downtime thinking I am crazy to recommend reading a entire book, it is less than 150 pages.  Also, if you can get the book on tape via Amazon Audible or one of the other book reading tools….Do it!!


Importance of Sleep

The old saying that a healthy family is a happy family, certainly applies to sleep and mental health related to getting the appropriate amount of sleep.  During my maternity leave, I was up every 3 hours for feedings and this was difficult, I couldn’t wait for the night that my son slept 12 hours through the night…especially since I knew I was going back to work.

Family effort

Mom and Dad both play a big role in the sleep training so the book is a good read for both parents.  However, I feel mom is the leader when it comes to training.  (Important to note, my husband is a heavy sleeper and a tremendous amount of the midnight feedings was on my shoulders – so I may be biased…)

Hopefully this book helps those struggling moms out there.  Also please feel free to comment with any other recommendations.

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