My experiences

Valuable and sometimes funny experiences I’ve had…at least funny to a third party – not me at the time

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Product reviews

A few a the best products for moms, kids, and wives that I use regularly

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Book recommendations and any other valuable tools to help moms

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About Me

I recently saw the movie Bad Moms and thought wow what an amazing idea to share my experiences and product reviews that may help other moms and/or expecting moms that are juggling it all.

  • Mom of two boys
  • Career mom
  • Hardworking woman
  • Loves family, life, and wine
  • Loving wife


Why PR Moms

  • Being a mom, business woman, wife is a tough set of jobs
  • Other moms need to know how to juggle
  • It’s nice to have help, advice, find useful products
  • Hopefully this site can help other moms like me to find products, useful tips, food for thought, save $, and vent…
  • Hopefully product reviews, tips, and mommy venting sessions will be helpful


Next Steps…

  • It would be a wonderful idea for all of us to share our experiences as I’m sure everyone goes through some of these things and there is a funny and wonderful camaraderie moms have together.  Especially PR Moms…
  • This is a judgement free zone…

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