Cleaning the house

Cleaning the house:

First off… Life is a journey and I am enjoying every second of it.

However, please let me take an opportunity to vent and no value add for the readers (other then empathy), but cleaning the house with two boys and a husband is quite frustrating.  Laundry, vacuum, dishes, putting away toys, etc.  It never ends.  It’s one of the draw backs of having a big family and house, it’s a lot of work…but also exactly what I dreamed of as a little girl (without all the back-breaking work!).

Getting a schedule or regiment might help.  Cleaning on the weekend or midweek is difficult as the mess fills in directly behind me.   Minutes after cleaning a room it can look like a bomb went off.

I feel like these boys are Thing One and Thing Two from Dr. Suess’ “The Cat in the Hat”.

My husband helps at times, but he has outdoor cleaning responsibilities and helps when he can see I am struggling, but having the time to get it done is very difficult.  Especially as a working/career Mom.

I have tremendous respect for my mom, my mother in law and all the other moms out there who are able to juggle it all and either make it look easy or not let it overwhelm them.  Thinking about the effort makes me think Mother’s Day should be at least once a month.

I’ve had to go the route of getting help, every other week I have a great cleaning lady help with some of the major cleaning that I don’t have time and energy to do (especially with one or two children hanging off my hip/leg).  If you have the resources, can afford it, or can sacrifice some other expense in your life I recommend it. Get the help, it’s worth it.

In addition to the outside help, there are a few great products that help me keep my sanity.

I will discuss products and/or recommendations in future post but I’m sure you all understand or have been there.  Currently it’s hot, my frustration was building, and their is still a mess everywhere….so althought I take a few minutes to vent here online before I get back to the cleaning…


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