Dear Daddy: Our Hero

Dear Daddy: Our Hero,

With father’s day here, what better time to share my thoughts on what you mean to me and our boys. Sometimes with all the hustle bustle of life it’s hard to take a moment and truly count your blessings. To genuinely take the time to thank those closest to you. To be quite honest, you are the rock of our family. Between all the hard work you do to provide for us, the constant support you give me to follow my dreams, the guidance you give our boys and all that darn yard work you do ( because lets face it, it’s a drag) you continue to impress us.

When you typically think of a hero, you think of someone who saves the day or performs an act of extreme bravery but to me a hero can be as simple as someone you admire or look up to. In my case, and in many ways my hero is you. From the moment we met I admired you for your passion for life and drive to accomplish your goals. The most admirable part is your genuine need to help others reach their own personal dreams which is what you do for me and the boys everyday.

There are times when I see the interactions between you and our eldest son and how he looks at you with such aw. It could be as simple as you fixing something or helping him figure a puzzle out but in those moments I see how he admires you for being there for him. Sometimes it can be as silly as chasing each other around the kitchen or playing basketball out side. More importantly when you’re reading a book together or consoling him when he’s scared. It’s truly in these moments that he sees his hero. The man who is always with out fail there for all the special moments that will help shape him into the person he will become.

Dear Daddy: Our Hero – Thank you!

Happy Father’s Day


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