Have you Been Boo-ed yet?

It seems now a days the typical traditions attached to holidays have evolved. For example when I was growing up we didn’t have Elf on a Shelf to help keep us in line to insure we landed on the “good” list. However, these fun new traditions have really created new fresh ways to keep our little ones entertained. So, in light of Halloween a week away here’s a fun game to play with friends and neighbors.

It’s called “you’ve been boo-ed” and it’s easy to follow. If you’ve been boo-ed cut the ghost out of the “boo” sheet and display it for all to see so you don’t get boo-ed again. Then follow the steps below.

* print the “boo” sheet from http://beenbooed.com

* attach to some tasty treats

* display it on a neighbors doorstep

* ring the doorbell and run!!!

How cute, right? The point of this game is to share treats and have fun with your neighbors. I think we can all agree that it’s definitely much better then Getting your house egged. So spread the word and have a safe fun Halloween 👻

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