Potty training – after diapers 

Potty training – after diapers:

If you see my posts about Day 1 and Day 2, it was all down hill from there for us.  We are now living in a phase I call “Potty training-after diapers”.

What does this phase consist of….

We are regularly discussing with our son using the potty.

Regularly asking “do you have to use the potty?”

  • Before car rides
  • After car rides
  • Before karate
  • Before bed/ after bed
  • After nap time
  • Etc.

But to our surprise – one day our son starting just going on his own with no suggestion from us.  Sometimes he will just jump up from playing with toys or doing something, and run to the bathroom.  98% of the time he makes it…it’s that 2% of the time that he mistimes the trip to the bathroom that gets messy, however, I laugh to myself as it is still better than changing diapers.

Again, now it’s great phase- we still ask the questions, but we live in a less stressful lifestyle (post diapers and potty training).  At least for 1 out of 2 we are less stressful.


To all you moms and dads out there pre-potty training keep your morale high – it gets better.  Or at least dream of not having to buy diapers, gets less expensive.

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